Monday, January 29, 2007

LAWNDREE BAG (fore kawluj!)

This idea has been bouncing around in my head since i visited CNU. They have fantastic dorms (just voted #1 in the country! holla!) but it's a hike down to the basement to do laundry. I wanted a big laundry bag.

I found this fabric on one of my favorite fabric sites:

The bag! (in the laundry room of course!)

I added a pocket for quarters !

see?! quarters!

the strap (made of white webbing)

It's fully lined too! wOOt! some people on craftster said i should think about selling them but i'm not sure how to price them. I'll see if i can make them cheap enough to sell.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Another Monster-y ipod cozy!

I have yet to give my friend Ebbie her xmas prez.... but here it is!

Koi Jumper

what do you do when you have no clothes to wear because everything is in the laundry?
Take some adorable koi fabric purchased from and trusty old Simplicity 4097 and whip yourself up a little jumper! hear hear!

RAWR! monsters all around!

what is better than monsters! monsters who carry your stuff!

ipod/cellphone cozy!
I sell these bags at the toy store where i work. They are made of faux fur and lined with felt. the mini messengers have black webbing for a strap and measure about 9x9" - 10x10". They sell for $25. The coin purses/wallets and gadget cozies are $10. The cozies are made to fit a video ipod or full size ipod.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

In Da Howse!

my very own blog! i'm so happy! i should have a blogwarming party!
but seriously... lets get down to business: my creations

wristlet attatched to a bracelet! jackie's xmas present! (it has sushi on it!)

donnie darko shirt! stenciled for my jake-gyllenhaal-obsessed boyspacefriend Breebs

APRONS!!! LLAAH! i went through a ruffly apron phase... it happens.

sushi purse! i heart sushi! (i'm a quarter japanese)
disney princess purse for my friend mel
purple cropped jacket of love!
the greenish goldish fabric is a small peacock feather print with bits of gold and green and blue and red. it's really pretty.
kimono-y type top dress. a lot of patterns. this was really easy and it turned out really cute!
my gnome dress might be my favorite thing ever! its made with heather ross gnome fabric and simplicity 4119. it was inspired by my favorite movie, Amelie.
you can see the print better in this one

this is a "sexy wizard" costume i made for a sexy party that me and my friends threw. i made the dress, wand, and hat and i wore silver stilettos and these sparkly tights.
I made these two things for the "Ocean Friends" swap on , an oline crafting community i belong to.
"octopurse" hahaha. i'm hilarious

i made these for the Daria swap f craftster. The purse has Jane on it and the bracelet had a bunch of the characters.