Monday, February 12, 2007

New Spring Patterns! part 3: Butterick

Can I just say one thing? I am in LOVE with Butterick's collection this year!

4973- Pretty basic baby doll dress. Definitely good for some jersey prints from or

4974 - I'm definitely envisioning this in some Alexander Henry tattoo print fabric

4975 - cute, simple, endless possibilities. Probs v. flattering too.

4976 - Why did I say I was over the kimono dress? I'm not.

4978 - again a simple choice but one that would be really flattering and comfortable, I only like the shorter one though

4984 - this could be really cute with jeans or leggings or nothing :o)

4988- I need more nice shirts and I think I found some cute ones.

4991- I love the jacket with sleeves. I'm envisioning it in some gorgeous brocade or jacquard like these:

I salute you, Butterick.

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