Monday, February 12, 2007

New Spring Patterns! part 5 (finale!) : Vogue

I have to say, I'm quite dissapointed by Vogue this spring. I'm usually salivating over everything in the collection but this time they had a really small collection and it wasn't as impressive overall as usual. But, of course, I did manage to find some gems.

2940 - I love the flowiness and springiness of this. I reminds me of one of the dresses from urban outfitters.

2946 - I really love the tank top with the large bow in the front. I'm not so sure about the one with the huge sleeves... it's a little Seinfeld "puffy shirt"

2947 - I like the blue one in the cornerrrrrrrrr. It's pretty.

8352- Okay when it comes to this one, I'm a fan of the two designs with puff sleeves, the other ones are hideous though.

I'm a little dissapointed, Vogue, but you still have a lot of nice patterns. So I'll forgive you.

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