Monday, February 12, 2007

New Spring Patterns! part 4: McCall's

Oh, McCall's. We have such a love-hate relationship. How I loathe your crappy pattern paper and completley screwed up sizing. How bland many of your clothing is. And yet every once in a while, you surprise me.

5315- okay this is pretty cute and basic. Probs a good dress for dances and stuff.

5317- the one w/o sleeves is totally boring but i really like it with sleeves

5340 -I really like the shape and size of those house-shaped purses. quite cute.

5375- finally a bubble MINIskirt. No. I do not want a bubble skirt down to my knees, or - even worse - mid calf.

okay McCall's you did pretty good... but get new pattern paper.

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