Sunday, February 25, 2007

prom dress

i REEEEEEAAAAAAALLY want to make my prom dress this year. i have a few ideas but i'm not totally decided yet.

I've had this idea for a while to make a big yellow ball gown Belle style! this is Simplicity 4269 and i think i would make the version in white, only in yellow.

I also really like the idea of doing a geisha inspired look with some japanese silk charmeuse and kanzashi flower hairpins. I like this dragon material but i wear red A LOT so i might want to switch it up. but i dunno, red's my color. As for the pattern:
Simplicity 4175. holla!


maeve100 said...

How funny! I had the exact same thought for 4269. After a few slight modifications it makes teh perfect Belle gown :-).

Marissa.Calenne said...

Im a junior in high school and for my senior prom I have always wanted a Belle dress just like hers in the movie. I was googling belle dresses all day and i came across yours. have you made any in yellow because if your making them i would really like to know all of the details on it. plz plz plz get back to me.
Marissa.Calenne :)